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New Firmware -with ‘Rocket Science’

May 30, 2006 on 8:20 pm | In News | No Comments

We want it to be Granny-Simple for non technical types to set up a hotspot, so for the first firmware, we hid all the tweaks and settings that could confuse non-technical hotspot owners.

Of course there are plenty of thoroughly technical users out there, and they wanted access to those advanced settings.

The new firmware should make everyone happy!
We’ve added a new tab called ‘rocket science’. Click on that and you’re into the standard Open Wrt interface with the various settings and status indicators that come with it. So Rocket Scientists can tweak all they like and mere mortals can ignore that tab completely!

If you want to upgrade from an earlier firmware, please go to your hotspot ( and click on the ‘login’ button. You’ll see a ‘click here to upgrade’ button. You can guess the rest!

P.S. – We’d love to hear what you set up with the rocket science features – please do let us know in the forum.


May 17, 2006 on 11:37 pm | In News | No Comments

You can now charge people to use your hotspot in just about any currency there is. I’m not even sure what COP is, but we support that and I’m sure we’ll support your currency of choice!

Our Credit card billing still happens in the US, and people do ultimately get charged in US dollars, so we display the $ amount beside the local currency like this
Price: £9.95 ($18.72 USD)
You can see what it looks like here.

World Domination here we come…

Wifi, Wifi Everywhere, but not a byte for me.

May 15, 2006 on 5:17 pm | In News | No Comments

I’ve been visiting a friend in St Andrews, Scotland. One of the great benefits of being part of a web-based company is that it doesn’t matter that I’m not in the office.

Of course I still have to get my daily internet fix to deal with email and customer service. For the last couple of days my mobile office has been a small cold concrete post 100metres down the road from my friend’s house. There is an open wireless network there.

In my friend’s house, there were two visible wireless networks, but both were locked. Walking along the street, there were another few – all locked.

I can understand why people might not want to leave their network open for all around to use permanently and for free. However, I suspect that if I were to actually meet the owners of the network and offer them some cash to use their connection for a couple of days, they’d be quite happy. makes that deal practical and easy. If you have a compatible wifi router, it costs nothing to download our firmware and to upgrade your router. Once you’ve done that, your computers can still connect to the network quite normally, but anyone in your vicinity can also connect. – Though only after they’ve paid a fee.

Now your humble home network can bring in some extra household revenue!

We all know people who live in an apartment block and who use their neighbour’s wifi for free. believes that the sharing is great, but the sharer should make a contribution to the monthly rental! We make it easy for the network owner to choose an appropriate monthly rate. The idea is to create a good deal for everyone. The network owner gets a contribution to their rental, and the sharer gets cheap wifi with no contract or commitment.

You’re not going to make megabucks sharing your network in an apartment block. But with just three neighbours sharing your connection, you could well be getting free broadband yourself!

So please, get, let me give you some cash, and save me from having to sit on a concrete post in the freezing cold in St Andrews!

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