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All in the name!

September 27, 2006 on 8:03 pm | In News | 1 Comment

I’ve noticed something recently about the most succesfull hotspots.

They all mention their price in their SSID.

Now I’ve noticed it, it makes sense. When you’re looking to connect, you’ll often see lots of hotspots. Sometimes you’ll see lots that will let connect (for a fee).
If you have to connect, load a page and scroll to see the prices, it’s painful.
Add to that the fact that most people expect commercial hotspots to be overpriced (Who really pays $5 for an hour of access at Starbucks?)

If your SSID says “$2.95/hour Fast Internet” then there is no confusion.
People who are willing to pay will connect.
People who look at other sites will quickly see the price and hopefully remember your price. (This does assume your price is competitive!)

..It’s all about the marketing!

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