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A little gain goes a long way

August 28, 2006 on 12:37 am | In News | 3 Comments

One simple and easy way to increase range is with a set of higher gain antennas. A quick search on ebay for “9dBi RP-TNC” Will come up with a $20 solution.

Case in point: Recently a customer of a WifiTastic site here in Hawaii was having trouble connecting to the site she had used for weeks prior. I had a set of 7dbi Antennas just sitting around and installed them at the site. The customer is now purchasing a month at a time.




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  1. Are you talking about repeater antennas or the original main antenna that came with the unit? If you place the unit and antenna at another location like a business wouldn’t you have to cut them in on the profits most likely? I live in an apt building and could technically put the antenna on the roof or out my window if needed, what is the usual signal range of these devices? I need the signal to travel about 4-5 blocks to a business area with a lot of shops etc…no tall buildings…most are 1-2 stories high. Are repeater antennas an option here anyway? Thanks

    Comment by majorghn — April 3, 2007 #

  2. These are replacements for the main antenna. If you have line of site to your desired location from a window this may work for you.

    Comment by wifitastic — April 3, 2007 #

  3. Have a look at

    Comment by wifitastic — May 1, 2007 #

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