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"After many hours of research for a simple and affordable hotspot solution with billing functionality, we found WifiTastic. We registered, downloaded the firmware and 30 minutes later, we were up and running! Truly Fantastic!" - Sébastien Courchesne, Hotspot Owner


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If you own a café, a bed and breakfast, a motel, or a hotel. If you own a deli, a laundrette, a hostel or a gas station, then Wifi access is a service your customers will appreciate. That means more, happier customers.

WifiTastic lets you earn extra revenue, and it's hassle-free.

  • Customers can easily connect to your WiFi network, pay by credit card and get instant access.
  • You don't need to do anything! Just tell your customers about your hotspot and let them connect.
  • You get 60% of the revenue.

WifiTastic gives YOU control over your hotspot

  • You decide how much people should pay for an hour, a week or a month's access.
  • You set the rates to suit your business needs.

Small footprint - no PC required

  • Once you have set up your hotspot, you don't need to keep it connected to a PC.
  • The hotspot is tiny, about the size of a textbok, so you can fit it and your modem easily in even a small office or store.

We make it Granny Simple to set up. Here is how to get your WifiTastic Router

  1. Buy a WifiTastic Hotspot for $79.95
  2. Plug your Hotspot into your normal internet connection
  3. Complete one online form to set your prices!
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