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Who can use WifiTastic?

Anyone can sign up. All you need is a fast internet connection and a WifiTastic router (available here). The management service, the billing, the technical setup is all free. The only technical detail is that you need to be able to plug your WifiTastic router in so that it gets its own IP address.

Can I set my rates in any currency??

We support just about every currency there is, when you sign up as an owner, you can choose what currency you set your rates in, and what your users see.
As our credit card billing is done in the USA, then the actual amount will be charged to the customer's account in dollars. To make sure that is clear, we show the equivalent dollar ammount next to the native currency ammount.
You can see how that works here.
Calculations of commission etc, are all based in dollars, based on the actual ammounts billed to your customers.

How fast does my connection have to be?

Fast means different things in different parts of the world! Your connection has to be fast enough that people will want to keep using it. That means a broadband connection that is in the middle to high range of what is available in your country.

Won't it slow my connection down?

Technically, yes. But most people don't use their connection all the time. Even when you are surfing, you download in fits and starts. This means that you will probably hardly notice when you share your connection.

Am I allowed to share my connection?

We don't know the answer to that for your circumstances. Different countries and different internet providers have different rules. You should check the terms and conditions of your internet connection from your internet service provider.

Will I need to leave my computer on the whole time?

WifiTastic works with the router we send you. Once it is set up, then you don't need a computer at all. In fact, you could even unplug your laptop and take it away. As long as the router is plugged into the Internet, then your No-Hassle Hotspot will be alive!

Can I give my friend/wife/neighbour free access?

You certainly can. It's your connection.
Once you're signed up, just log in to your owner section, select 'customers' and use the 'Add a new (non-paying) user' feature.
You can see a screenshot of that feature here

Why would my neighbour use my connection rather than getting their own?

We recommend that you make your offer too good for them to turn down. We suggest that you charge about half of a monthly line rental to your neighbours. They get half-price internet and have no contract. It's a good deal.

How much can I earn?

It all depends on where your hotspot is. We'll pay you 60%% of what people pay to connect. That means four neighbours sharing your connection will pay for the whole connection and more.
If you have a busy café, or live by a park, or in a block of flats with lots of people near you, you can earn much more.
If you charge $6 a day for a connection and one customer connects each day, we'll pay you over a hundred dollars a month!

How will I get paid?

We'll pay you by Paypal.
Don't worry if you don't have a Paypal account yet though - you can still sign up and give us the details of your account when you set it up later.
Alternatively, if you can't use Paypal, we can arrange to pay you by cheque.

Can I charge people to connect by the hour?

Yes you can charge by the hour, day or month.

Is this Open Source?

WifiTastic uses the Open Source Firmware OpenWrt and X-wrt. Please see here for more details of the licence.

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