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Techie stuff, Mac addresses, Ip Addresses

Unless you are already an owner and you are adding users to your site - you probably don't need this page!

Mac Addresses

A Mac address is abit like a computer's passport number when it connects to the internet. It's a unique number that lets us recognise the computer that connects through the WiFiTastic router. It's what we use to make sure that computers belonging to people who have paid can connect to the internet, and those that don't can't!

If you are the owner of a site and your customer has changed their Mac address, or if you are the owner of a site and you want to add a free user, then you'll need their Mac address.

A Mac address looks something like this


In most cases, the Mac address for your computer (or your customer's computer) will never change. However, there are a couple of situations in which it will change

  • If you change the wireless gadget that you're using to connect to the internet (new wireless card / adaptor / usb dongle). The Mac address is actually unique to the adaptor, so if you change that - then even if your computer stays the same, you'll have a new Mac address
  • If you get a new computer
  • If you have an Apple Macintosh and you do certain operating system upgrades

How do I find my Mac address?

If you connected to this page through a wireless link to a WiFiTastic router, your mac address would be shown here..

  • Sorry - you didn't connect wirelessly through a WifiTastic Router

Otherwise, this page gives good instructions on finding your Mac address.

IP Addresses

Your IP address is the address of your computer. It's needed for the computers on the internet to be able to send you information. If you have a router between you and your internet connection, then you might have two IP addresses. The external IP address of your router. The Local IP address is like a forwarding address - your router will know to forward traffic to you at your locak IP address.

  • Local IP Address = Sorry, Java is diabled
  • External IP Address =

If you connect your hotspot through a router, then these two addresses will be different and you may need to setup your router so that your hotspot can communicate properly with the internet.

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