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Setting up behind a Firewall or Router

Setting up behind a Firewall or Router

So that we can do all the admin work with your hotspot, it needs to be set up so that we can reach it from the internet.

Most people who connect their hotspot to their cable modem, will find this works automatically and they don't need to worry about this section.
For some users, you will be connected through a router or through a firewall. The router or firewall will probably block connections from us, and you will see this message when you try to set up your Hotspot

'NB: It looks like you are connected behind a firewall. You will need to ensure that your hotspot is in the DMZ. Click here for more information on setting up your firewall.'

That may be why you're here!

This help section assumes that you have already connected your computer to your hotspot and are able to access the internet.

This is what you need to do:

1) Lock down the settings on your hotspot

Click on the 'lock down settings' button on the advanced page of your hotspot (type into your web browser to get to the hotspot management console). This will configure your hotspot so that it has a static IP address, and uses it's current gateway and DNS server addresses. Note down the IP address of your hotspot. It's shown in the 'Hotspot Info' box on the right of the page where you did the 'lock down settings'

2) Turn on the DMZ in your modem/router/firewall

If you are seeing the 'It looks like you are connected behind a firewall...' message, then one of the devices that is connected between your Hotspot and your internet connection is acting as a router. This might be your modem (more likely if you have an ADSL connection), or a router. I'll talk about your 'device' from here to refer to your modem/router.

We can't give instructions for all the routers/modems that are out there, so you will have to check the documentation that came with your device. The basic steps are

  • Connect to your device. You may have to connect your PC directly to your device to do this. You can then probably connect by typing one of these addresses into your web browser
    • (this is also the address of the hotspot, so if your device does use this address, you will have to connect your computer directly to the device by plugging the network cable from the back of your computer directly into the device)
  • Find an option labeled DMZ (or de-militarised zone). Turn the DMZ on, and set the IP associated with the DMZ to the IP address of your hotspot. (sometimes this is called the Host IP address)
  • Depending on the device, you will then probably have to save the settings and reboot the device.

If you're having any problems, do check this thread at our forum for help. Hopefully there will be specific instructions for your device. If not, someone will be able to help.

Please do also help other users by contributing instructions for your device at the same thread in the forum.

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