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What about Security?

At WifiTastic we take your security very seriously. Our hotspots are designed to maximize the security of your data and revenue.

Security for Owners

  • For hotspot owners, we have specific systems to protect your connection - and reliable, industry standard technology to protect your revenue.
  • Your WifiTastic router is set up with two completely separate networks which are separated by a firewall. One is for wireless connections, the other for wired connections. As an owner, you can connect your PC to the wired connection which means you can use a network that is completely separated from your customers.
  • We use industry standard AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) systems to ensure that only authorized users can access the internet wirelessly through your hotspot, and only after they have paid!
  • Non authorized users will only have access to your WifiTastic webpage where they can purchase airtime securely using https (SSL).

Security for Customers

  • As WifiTastic hotspots are open for anyone in the vicinity to connect, so connections are made over an open connection. (Encrypted connections require that you know a passkey before being able to connect). This is the same technology used by all public hotspots - but it does mean you need to be aware of the security implications.
  • Data which is transmitted wirelessly is not secure unless you are connecting to a site which uses a secure https connection. Almost all sites where you conduct sensitive transactions (purchases or banking for example) do use secure https connections (SSL). Your browser will probably show a padlock icon that is locked when you are at a secure site.
  • When you purchase airtime from the WifiTastic website with your credit card, that is of course done with a secure https connection which means your credit card and personal information is completely safe.

Security Tip: It is a good idea to protect your computer by running a personal firewall. You can make sure you are running the built in Windows firewall by clicking on Start, Control Panel, Security and checking the Firewall settings.

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