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Do you run a hotel, a cafe, or a bar?

Do you have neighbours or flatmates, or even live by a park?

With Wifi internet taking off, people everywhere are looking for wifi hotspots.

Based on the hugely popular Linksys Wrt54g wireless router, the Wifitastic Hotspot is the first service that makes it granny-easy for you to setup a hotspot in your home or your business. With a Wifitastic Hotspot, anyone can connect to your internet connection - but only after they pay the fee that you choose.

  • Yes, your neighbours can share your internet connection - and they can help pay the bill.
  • Yes, you provide internet for your customers - and they pay you a few bucks for internet with their coffee, or their room, or their petrol...

Big-Name coffee shops, airports and chain hotels have had hotspots for a while. Now WifiTastic can give you a hotspot for the same price as a standard wireless router.

You simply purchase the Hotspot, plug it in, set up an account with WifiTastic, and wait for the money to come in!

We handle the billing, configuring the router and all the technical stuff. Then we pay you!

All you need is an internet connection with an ethernet port to connect to the Wifitastic router.

  • If you cannot connect your Hotspot directly to the internet, then some setup may be required to ensure that the WifiTastic Hotspot can connect through any routers, switches of firewalls you have installed
Feature WifiTastic
Fast, Popular Wireless Hotspot
Built-In Firewall for your online security
Granny Simple to set up
No computer required to keep connection working
You set the price for internet access
Seperate prices for Hourly, Daily or Monthly access
We pay you 60% of all sales
Free access for you and anyone else you choose (of course!)
Live Online access to comission reports

Wifitastic is new, it's easy and it will make you money.

You set the prices, you get a fair share of the sales.

  • We sell the router to you at cost.
    • If you are brave, you can even buy your own compatible wireless router and upgrade the firmware!
  • NO monthly fees
  • NO setup fees
  • Generous split of sales - 60% of all proceeds go to you

Put WifiTastic to work!

Weight:1.00 lbs
Price: $79.95 
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